*WARNING: Will contain Love Island spoilers*

With over 500 Ofcom reports from the latest Love Island drama (For those unaware, Dani received a text of Jack’s ex arriving) it’s brought a lot of discussion around whether Love Island is really just using entertainment to mess with the contestants feelings and cause them unnecessary upset. The producers blatantly knew that Jack had barely interacted with his ex, especially as they sent Dani footage from around a day earlier. Jack had even been recorded telling Adam he loved Dani, so why send her the footage just to mess with her head?

Now this isn’t the first time that Love Island has received Ofcom complaints. They received complaints after Adam’s ‘apology’ to Rosie, with lots of people saying that the way he was acting was very similar to emotional abuse.

Now I’m not slating Love Island here, as I enjoy as much as the next person. I get excited for 9pm every evening so me and the boyfriend can sit and watch. However, I do often sit there and think ‘is this really fair?’. Especially when you consider the fact that a contestant from a previous year has just committed suicide, it does make you question how healthy this type of show is. I mean, they’re literally forcing relationships whilst also forcing the drama and heartbreak that sometimes doesn’t necessarily need to happen (i.e Dani and the video of Jack seeing his ex).

Previous contestants have also mentioned that they feel like the producers really don’t warn them enough of what the outcome will be, and that they haven’t been checked up on to make sure they are okay. The only time this has happened was after the death of Sophie Gradon. Which makes you wonder, do they know the emotional abuse they are leaving contestants with, or did the death make them suddenly realise they have to make sure they haven’t caused irreversible damage? The trolling and the abuse that they become subject to whilst in the villa and as soon as they leave can be harrowing. Imagine not being on the internet for 6 weeks and leaving to check your phone, only to find millions of streams of comments slating you, or how you acted, or how you look. This could lead anyone to a deep set of problems including depression and anxiety. And the show really needs to warn contestants beforehand of this outcome, and there also needs to be a strong level of support after.

Think of Niall who just left. There were rumours when he left that it was due to the comments about his ears. His. Bloody. Ears. How pathetic? A problem that someone has probably never noticed about themselves and then millions of strangers pick it out and suddenly it can throw you into a deep self loathing and worrying about your self and your self image.

So I’ve kind of tailed off and I painted my toenails and forgot my main point…But what is your opinion on Love Island? Do you think the drama and the upset is fake? Or do you think the way they are treated is just for entertainment and is over the top and cruel?

Lots of love x

(I’m trying to start blogging more I promise!)

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