Weird to think that I’ve been away from this blog for so long that we are now in a global pandemic and all been grounded by the government. How life changes, hey? I know that I’m not the only one who’s struggling with being home 24/7 at the minute, and I’ve been desperately trying to find different ways to cope that work for different days. As I can’t speak for everyone, but the same routine every day would end me. I need variation. And let’s face it, being stuck in the house day in day out doesn’t provide a lot of variation really.  So below are a few tips that I have seen and have used that have really helped me cope so far.

Self Care

Don’t forget about the importance of self love and self care. My dad told me at the start of the first week of lockdown that I had to get up every day, brush my teeth, open my curtains and get dressed. I was like um why? And I didn’t do it until halfway through the week. Honestly, it sounds so stupid and simple but it makes so much difference. Having a reason to get out of bed, it may be only to get dressed and brush your teeth, but it sets off a beginning to the day. It gets you up and it prepares you. The days that I chose to open my curtains and get dressed were the days I had the better mental health.

Don’t forget that in all of this, the person who matters most is YOU and your mental health. These can be real difficult times, even for people with no past experience of mental health struggles. It can be a time of feeling really alone. Therefore, remember to care for your self.

Have a bath, light some candles, do a face mask. Stay in that bath as long as you want, what else is there to do? Let yourself relax fully.


Don’t be afraid to order yourself a little something. When you’re stuck indoors all day, you’d be surprised how much joy it brings you when someone knocks on the door with a parcel for you! If you have Twitter then please join one of the gifting threads. People are making threads where everyone shares their amazon wishlist and sends each other a little something and vice versa. It brought me so much happiness on my birthday when I had all these parcels come through. It really shows how kind some people are and the importance of being kind to one another right now.

Daily Exercise

Make use of your daily exercise. Now by no means does this mean go visit someone, go in your car to the beach, go to the park.. NO. I mean go for a walk around where you live, locally, with only your household members and still follow social distancing rules. Me and my dad have started to walk round the village we live in every day around 5pm. It’s about a 40 minute walk and it’s honestly the highlight of my day. It really just breaks the day up and frees your mind from it’s cage for a short while, helps you think everything’s normal for a short while.

Read a book

I’d forgotten just how much I love to read. So much so that I read 3 books in 2 days last week! The ability to get lost into a story is amazing, and can really help you to relax and let your mind be at ease and drift away to a whole different place.

Reach out

Don’t be scared to reach out to others right now. Everyone is experiencing the same as you right now, we are all in the same boat and we all just need a bit of love and care from each other. Send out a little text, have a phone call, leave a note for your neighbors. Just something to show you care and you’re about, and the responses from others will help you. I did a group chat phone call with my 2 friends on my birthday and it was so amazing. I was always negative about video calling and always said I hated it but it honestly made me so happy, took me away for a bit and let me just feel happy talking to friends.

I’m not good at writing these posts anymore (if I ever was!) and right now I can’t think of much else to add. Thank you for reading and hopefully we’ll get through this soon

Lots of love x

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