I don’t know about you, but isolation has made me rediscover hobbies I haven’t bothered with in so long. The main one being reading. I’m sure I’m not alone in spending almost all my free time on my phone, and whilst I was still working, that is where all my free time went. But now I’ve got an abundance of free time, I soon realised that instagram and twitter won’t contain anything new every 5 minutes I re-open them…

So I re-found my love for my kindle, also got myself a kindle unlimited subscription, and I’ve so far read 9 books. These are my top 5 so far.

The Flat Share

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

(photo courtesy of goodreads)

Now as you’ll soon see from the rest of this post, my usual read is thriller or something based upon a murder or mystery. So it seems a bit bizarre that top of my list is a fluffy, wholesome, happy-looking book right? I agree. But I saw so many people discussing this book on twitter and talking about how good it was that I got very intrigued…and then it went to 99p on kindle sale and I had to!

I finished this book in 2 nights (one of them nights I was up until 3am) because I got so hooked. Kinda also made me think the dark novels I’m used to influence my mood, because reading this had me smiling without knowing it. My dad made sure to point that out and be like, ‘why are you smiling you weirdo’, as well as shedding happy tears at the end. This book is just so lovely and wholesome and it’s such a good read. I love Leon and Tiffy so much like I know them personally, this book really captured me.

The Liar’s Wife

The Liar's Wife by Samantha Hayes

(photo courtesy of goodreads)

Let me tell you now, if you haven’t read a book by Samantha Hayes, you need to. Now. I got recommended Date Night by a colleague a few months ago. Date Night was very popular then and I saw it mentioned a lot on bookish twitter. I don’t understand how this book wasn’t the one that got the hype, because wow. I do this thing that when I find a good book, I proceed to read almost every book that author has ever written and I did that with Hayes. I read 4 other books from her and honestly they were all so good. They all were full of gripping, thrilling plots that kept you hooked.

Now this one had me hooked completely. I can’t remember putting this down for longer than a few hours, it was a quick read for me. The story line is insane and surreal. The twist in this had me shook, and I sat explaining it all to my dad who looked at me clueless which I knew he would but it was one of them twists where I just had to talk it out loud.

Amazing writing. Check out as well from Hayes: The Reunion, Blood Ties, Tell Me a Secret, You Belong To Me (another jaw dropping twist)

The Other Wife

The Other Wife by Claire McGowan

(photo courtesy of goodreads)

A lot of books mentioning wives, huh. The writing style of this reminded me of my previous Samantha Hayes books and immediately hooked me in. This is the type of book that gets you really involved in the characters, and really hating some too. I was immersed in this psychological thriller that again had a perfect ending that pleased me to no end. I just wish I had took longer to read it! I got far too excited at fast-paced bits and read as fast as I can to get the story in. This is one I might re-read just to really immerse myself again.

This is my first time writing about books, so please give me feedback. Should I give more information about the plot, or is it better leaving it unknown? Did I go far too excitedly giving praise? Let me know!

Thank you for reading, and lots of love x

3 thoughts on “Top 3 books from isolation (so far)

  1. The flat share sounds so good, I love a book that can make you smile and make you keep wanting to read on until you’ve finished! The other two sound really intriguing too, would be interested in knowing more about them.

    Chloe xx

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  2. This was really interesting, I’m also a thrillers girl who read The Flat Share because it was only 99p and people wouldn’t stop talking about it and loved it too! I never read anything fluffy but this one really got me. The Liar’s Wife sounds amazing. I read The Other Wife last year and really like it so I’ll have to pick The Liar’s Wife up too based on what you said about their similarities x


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