Now I am in the midst of learning and teaching myself all aspects of the current racial problems and issues that we face all over the world, so I am definitely not going to write a blog post explaining anything to do with the current protests etc because I am really nervous of stating anything that could be wrong or misconstrued (I will always take constructive criticism!) So therefore I thought I would try and do my bit by recommending some black owned businesses that you can support right now.


Liha Beauty 


Liha Beauty is homemade skincare created in Hackney. The brand incorporates shea butter and oils into their conscious skincare, stating their products are ‘a mix of natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude.’.

Antidote Street


Antidote Street create the very best hair products for textured hair, with amazing ingredients including castor oil and vitamin C.

Books and authors

Candice Brathwaite is a parenting blogger and author, known from her debut book ‘I am not your baby mother’. Candice explores the highs and lows of Black motherhood, as well as being an agent of Found Entertainment and the presenter, write and founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, an instagram platform challenging the single story of motherhood with uplifting, natural posts with podcasts and events.

Glory Edim

Well-Read Black Girl is a collection of essays from black woman writers, recognising the importance that we can all find ourselves within literature-regardless of gender, race, age and sex.


Kai Collective by Fisayo Longe is a London based womenswear brand, providing us with “attainable clothing with luxury aesthetics.” ELLE mentioned the brand as ‘wearable pieces that transcend trends’.


Nubian Skin is a beautiful supplier of lingerie and hosiery, reminding us that ‘nude’ is not a one colour suits all and provides plenty of shades to compliment Black skin tones.


These businesses and links could honestly go on and on and I could make this blog post endless, the amount of Black owned businesses out there that we can support is huge and right now is more important than ever. Below are a few more blog posts and websites where you can seek out more Black owned businesses:

Bustle Black-Owned UK Businesses

anothermag Black Owned British Businesses

Time Out Black Owned Businesses Resources

Of course many people do not have the funds or opportunity to support these businesses, but there’s SO many other ways you can help. Below are a list of petitions that you can sign to help the cause.

Justice for George Floyd petition

We Can’t Breathe petition

Justice for Belly Mujinga petition

Justice for Breonna Taylor petition

Justice for Tony McDade petition

Petition to raise Derek Chauvin’s degree

Petition for British Schools to implement teaching about Black history

This is by no means all that is out there but I hope this blog post will help at least a bit! If unsure all you have to google is ‘black lives matters petitions’, or ‘black owned businesses’, or ‘how can I help black lives matters’ and you will find endless resources.

Lots of love x


2 thoughts on “Black Owned Businesses You Can Support Right Now

  1. Thanks for creating this. There are so many I had never heard of but now I will be checking them out!


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